How it works

Welcome to the Pizza Maker at Home online shop. Following is a brief description of how to order our products online.

To place an order, you have to register first. If you have not registered yet, click here to register. It's free and it will only take a minute or two. Once registered you can follow the easy steps below.

STEP 1 (Shopping Main Menu)

Links to all the product categories can be found in the left side menu. Click the selected brand you are interested in. This will open another page where you will receive a list of products to choose from.

STEP 2 (Selecting Products)

Click the Order checkbox found below the price, next to the product/s you whish to order. Once you have selected the products, click the Add to Cart button to continue.

STEP 3 (Shopping Cart)

Here you will find a listing of products in your shopping cart. This screen will allow you to delete items from the list as well as change the quantity of each item you wish to order.

Quantity: To change the quantity of a specific item, enter the required amount in the Qty text box and click Recalculate.

To delete items from the list, tick the check box found to the left of the required item and click Recalculate.

Click Shop for More if you wish to add products from other categories. Follow the same process as described above to add more products to your shopping cart.

Click the Click to Pay button if you have found all the products you are interested to buy.

STEP 4 (Customer Details)

This is a very important step in the ordering process. Please ensure that your delivery details are correct. Click the Order Now! button to commit the transaction.

STEP 5 (Congratulations)

This page will display the payment details and further instructions to complete your order. Please make a printout of your order at this stage to ensure that you have all the instructions (banking details) at hand for future reference.

If you selected the Credit Card Payment option (if available), simply click the Pay Now via Credit Card button to process your payment.

After receipt of payment we will ship the products to you. Depending on your location and the availability of products you will receive the products within 5-15 working days.

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